Your exclusive placement partners

Established in 2000, Impex Personnel has 6 offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Impex Personnel forges deep and long lasting partnerships with our clients with the goal of becoming a valued resource as an exclusive partner to your business.

This trusted role and partnership extends to our assurance that we will never poach or head-hunt from one of our own clients.

For our exclusive placement partners we are pro-active and available whenever required, so whenever you have a need, or even before you have a need, you can rely on us as a sounding board with our ear-to-the-ground across the supply chain industry.

Impex Personnel exclusive partners gain access to the highest calibre, game changing candidates in the market. Our corporate commitment to doing the right thing and building exclusive long-term partnerships is unmatched and unswerving.


Accreditation & Labour Hire Licencing Compliance


Licence Number VICLHL01468


Licence Number LHL-01124-Z1M1V

South Australia

Licence Number LHS 298051


Our Australian and New Zealand locations